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  • Dr. Campisi
    Dr. Joseph Campisi

    This year Dr. Campisi is celebrating his 30th year as a chiropractor serving our community. During this time he has also been very involved with the community. He has been active with local civic organizations, has founded a non-profit organization for the National Park in our area, has worked with the Boy Scouts for many years, and has fought for patient rights in Washington, DC, and Albany. He serves on the board of directors of the New York State Chiropractic Association and has been a leading figure in Chiropractic, Health, and Wellness. 

    Over the three decades of caring for people, Dr. Campisi has seen all kinds of patients. From newborn to over 100 years old, from severe traumatic injuries like auto-accidents and work injuries to wellness care.  Dr. Campisi has seen it all. The doctor is proficient in over a dozen treatment styles ranging from the commonly known Diversified style to lighter force and even non-force techniques. This wide range of treatment styles allows him to customize combinations of treatments to accommodate and adapt to each individual patient. 
    Above all else, Dr. Campisi is committed to getting you well. He takes his time to provide clear explanations of your problem and advice on how to get and stay well. 

    Traumatic Injury Specialist

    Dr. Campisi is certified as a Worker’s Compensation practitioner and is an expert in this field. The Worker's Compensation system in NY State is a good system but is complicated and can be quite difficult for providers who don’t handle those kinds of patients regularly. At our office, we have a vast amount of experience and stay up to date with each yearly change as they occur. Our initial consultation is always no-charge which includes reviewing any work-related incident and advising you about your options and how to proceed. 

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